55 years of existence for Roski in 2018

The year 2018 marks 55 years of existence for the composites factory in Roxton Falls and five years of life for Roski since the acquisition in 2013 by Yves Carbonneau, Thierry Marie, Janick Beauregard and Estelle Brouillard.

To celebrate the longevity of the company, highlights of the past 55 years will be done every month. Manufacture of the first Ski-Doo® hoods, manufacture and assembly of the first Sea-doo®, ice storm crisis, acquisitions, production of parts for major projects such as the Montréal Metro, anecdotes, archive photos and interviews will be part of the lot.

With these different parts of history, the company wishes to bring to light all the people who have participated in its success since 1963. Thanks to the vision of great builders and the hard work of hundreds of people who have worked there over time, Roski has been involved in many large-scale projects and has earned an unparalleled position in the North American composites industry.

The first archive photos of the Roski factory: a return in the 1960s and 1970s

To start this return in history, here is a montage of the first pictures available from the factory. It shows the production line of snowmobile hoods and, later, the watercraft manufacturing and assembly line. During this period, we then witnessed the birth of great innovations in the field of mobility and recreational vehicles. We are very proud at Roski for contributing to these two products, which still make Québec shine on the international stage.


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