Roski Composites Inc.

Roski Composites Inc. manufactures fibreglass watercraft hulls and decks for major companies in the nautical sector. We set ourselves apart by the outstanding quality of our products, the value we place on each Roski employee, and our ability to deliver large-scale orders within deadlines.

Drawing on a history that spans more than 50 years, Roski continues to be a pillar of the industry.

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Work with us

Are you looking for new challenges in a growing company, and are you committed to meeting customer needs? Are you interested in developing your skills working in a dynamic environment? Join the Roski team and stand out from the crowd!

Roski is looking for passionate, challenge-driven, quality-conscious and team-oriented individuals.

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Roski’s proprietary RSMTM technology controls the thickness and quantity of short fibre and resin mix sprayed onto an open mould. This technological ingenuity stands as a major asset for Roski, considerably boosting production speed for various parts.

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Taking action today to secure tomorrow’s success

These few words sum up our business philosophy, which is grounded in reliability and our commitment to our customers.

Our guiding values:


  • We respect your specifications and strive for excellence in our moulding products.
  • Our team works tirelessly to provide parts of impeccable quality.


  • Our business relationships are based on a commitment to our clients.
  • We stand by our commitments.
  • Ethics and transparency are central to our team’s everyday work.


  • Problem-solving is in our DNA.
  • Continuous improvement is a fundamental value shared by all of our employees.
  • We view each of your projects as an exciting challenge.


  • Our customer partnerships go far beyond product delivery. We are an integral player in our customers’ success.
  • At Roski, the contribution of all team members is important and helps to further your performance.

Your success: Our purpose

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